Birjinder's MA research

I'm writing my thesis on the rural economic changes caused by India's economic liberalization over the past twenty years, and the ways in which these changes, and the decentralization of state power, have given space for the communalization of rural areas to occur. I will add interesting items from my research to this blog.

Monday, September 06, 2004

A bit more of an introduction to the thesis and the types of data and information I'm looking for. The thesis will consist roughly of two sections. The first will consist of an overview of liberalization and the related rural changes, as well as a look at the areas in which communal organizations have stepped into the gap left by dwindling public resources. The second will attempt to quantitatively correlate indicators of changes in rural well-being (income levels, public services and subsidies, and other quality-of-life data) with indicators of communalization (voting records, communal incidents, data on arrests and membership in communal organizations, and public services, schools, clinics, etc, provided by communal organizations.

Desperately-needed information is data of all the above indicators, at the district and maybe the tahsil level (another administrative grouping), focused on Uttar Pradesh.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Greek Grave Steles